Lock Top

All fireplace dampers leak energy - even new ones. So if you have a chimney, you need a Lock-Top top sealing damper! The Lock-Top Chimney Damper is like a storm door for your chimney - locking the unconditioned air outside, and keeping the expensive, conditioned air inside. You will be saving energy dollars year-round!

  • Constructed with a stainless steel lid attached to a cast aluminum frame by an array of stainless steel springs.
  • All Hardware Included including a 30' cable that is dropped down the chimney and operated with a handle mounted in the firebox. Just a tug on the handle will open or tightly close the Lock-Top
  • Features a chimney fire safety device that locks the damper open in case of a chimney fire.
  • Install the Lock Top Damper along with the EZ Sweeps Ring (not included) and make removing the damper for cleaning your chimney a whole lot easier!
  • Now open your chimney damper with even more ease! The EZ Open Damper Handle mounts to the wall of the firebox. A lightweight extension slips over the handle, and the opens the damper with minimal effort.